Nowadays, computer-based simulations are standard tools
in most fields of risk assessment, except in medicine.

We want to change this!


Our service is the realization of our vision as an opportunity to make a fundamental contribution to the welfare of society. We want to help you to protect the most important issue in life: “human health” in a new level. Human health basically represents the source of all actions and goals of a person. We would like to be significantly involved with our products in strengthening this issue in a better way and thus improving people’s quality of life according to the latest simulation methods and knowledge. In this case, our service is not self-purpose by itself, but rather an effort to be able to create social benefits and to maintain ELPIS / SPE (hope).



The focus of our services is on the numerical calculations of the hemodynamics of the
blood flow as well as arterial wall behavior in circle of Willis


We have developed our own numerical simulation tools and algorithms to simulate
magnetoelectric material behavior and therefore are able to calculate the ME coupling.

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